Arriving by Road

Namibia to Zambia

Enter passport details into register
Hrs: 06:00hrs - 18:00hrs 7 days a week

Fill out CIP form & book
Carbon tax: based on engine size
0 – 1500cc: K50,000
150l cc – 2000: K100,000
200l cc – 3000: K15,000
300l cc – Above: K200,000

Can be obtained at border

Botswana to Zambia

Enter passport details into register
Hrs: 06:00hrs - 18:00hrs 7 Days a week

CIP form
Register in book
Carbon tax
Clear exit gate (official checks paper)
Buy insurance

Insurance & Ferry:
Charges based on the size of the vehicle
Council tax: charges based on the size of vehicle

Please note:
Steps to follow in this order:
  • Register in book on ferry as you cross
  • On arrival, pay ferry charges at the office
  • Pay council levy (Police post)

Arriving by Air

International Flights

South Africa (Gauteng) - Zambia (Livingstone)
Currently 3 Airlines have daily flights to or from Livingstone International Airport: South African, Comair and Onetime
For details, contact the Airlines or your nearest travel agent.

Forms to be completed
Visas: Go to
Single or double entry VISAS can be obtained on arrival at the Airport, the latter is best if you intend to travel to Botswana or Zimbabwe on a day excursion.

Internal Flights

Lusaka - Livingstone
At present, only one airline has daily scheduled flights to and from Livingstone. Proflight.
For details, contact your local travel agent or

Please note:
Try to avoid flying into Victoria Falls Airport, Zimbabwe, as you may well incur additional VISA costs, transfer costs as well as up to 2hrs extra travelling time to reach the lodge.

General Information


Zambia has 3 definable seasons
  • Cool & dry - May to August
  • Hot & dry - September to November
  • Warm & wet - December to April (rainy season)
Average rainfall is 32cm and temperature is usually between 10 and 32 degrees C.

Health information

Provided that necessary precautions are taken, health is not generally a concern in Zambia. However, the standard of the local health care is poor and caution must be taken. It is recommended to bring a supply of any special medication taken.


The unit of currency is the Kwacha. There are Bureau de Changes available for converting currency which generally give a better rate than the banks.


Malaria is one of the most common and serious of the tropical diseases endemic in Zambia. Prophylactics and bed netting are recommended. Insect repellent is also encouraged. The most common prophylactic used in Zambia is Proguanil (Paludrine), Fansidar, Halfen and Mefloquine (Lariam).